How to monitor the activity of your kids with Android

The arrival of the internet makes it prone to content not appropriate for his age, as it may expose them to subscribe to applications and services driven, and whether the child uses a father or a separate device here are some of the tools available for the implementation of family supervision.

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On any tablet running Android 4.3 or newer you’ll find the tool to provide the user access to content and applications.

To implement it, go to application settings > users.

After that, click on Add User or profile, then select restricted user.

Then, click on the Settings icon next to the new user, with his name.

And then you can restrict user access to certain applications according to your choice; to lock access to the settings can modify user section on the device settings, the option to HPROF gesture contraindications use it to search Google.

After completion of setting the application that prevents access to pass the ramp in front of her to put closure, you can click on the Back button and choose the account to use the tablet as custom settings.

Android phones

For users of phones may not find the option accounts, but they can add a new account, and when you report it, they can plan to add a Gmail account which in turn gives the user access to any applications.

Remote control

The foregoing prevents the arrival of the child for investigations and it is useful when using the same device of the Father, but the phone or tablet the child after the recommended app Screen Time Parental Control.

You install a copy of the application on your child and on your device, and connects both devices to one account as it will guide you the app when you first install it on your child, and for application services are:

1) set a bedtime and wake up close your child through it.

2) restrict the number of hours and minutes of use per day, and to shut the machine automatically after spending.

3) restrict access to some applications either wholly or in times of study, such as.

4) see the time that a child spends on each application.

5) approval to remove or install applications.

6) monitor, record and browse the web.

7) locking the child’s device with the Click of a button.

Knowing that some of these advantages will be available for the paid version of the app only, however you can try all features for 14 days.

Control Google Play and restrict purchases within applications

You can restrict the use of the App Store and Google Play with the child in the app and then the Settings menu side of the > Parental Control.

To activate the parental control is upgraded you to add a passcode, then determine the assessment content is allowed, the wrath of Khan the apps and games, the movies, the television, the books.

As for purchases, there is a list of the settings again and select require authentication for purchases and select for all purchases through Google Play.

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