How to mine Bitcoin Anonymous? The profitability of production ANON and settings for the pool

ANON — a new ambitious project. According to the developers, the cryptocurrency created for a new level of privacy of the users who deserve it. Coin there are only two weeks, but has already managed to surprise crazy profitability mastered and slid into the Scam. How to accumulate reserves of ANON using video? Versed with the intricacies of mining and other components.

What is Bitcoin Anonymous

Anonymous Bitcoin fork Bitcoin and ZClassic, which took place on the night with 10 for September 11. Initially, the developers called the coin exactly, but after the separation rebranded. Now the cryptocurrency is properly called ANON. Ticker the same.

In honor of the birth of coins is traditionally held hand. Double the volume of the cryptocurrency got a ZCL holders, while the holders of BTC, the bonus counted in the ratio one to one.

As claims the official site, the main advantages of cryptocurrencies are a real decentralization, anonymity and attention to the community. Also note the presence of a privacy Protocol MIT zkSNARK’s, as well as the involvement of mastered. Algorithm hashing ANON — 144,5 Equihash. The same as Bitcoin and Gold BitcoinZ.

Rate and other indicators, ANON

Today, the coin appeared in the ranking CoinMarketCap.

The rate is 85 cents, while another in the morning for the coin offered 64 cents. By the way, at the moment the fork in circulation were about 27 million ANON. The maximum volume will be about 40 million coins.

For a block to give 32.5 coins. 65 percent of the amount of the reward goes to the miners, and the remaining 35 masternode. To run the latest need for 500 coins.

Where to buy ANON. Exchange Anonymous

Buy coins on the exchanges. Now there are four:

  • Trade Satoshi;
  • Safe Trade;
  • VaultMeX;
  • Cryptopia.

The details of working with cryptocurrency exchanges read in this article. Inside — registration, preparation of purchase requisitions and search for suitable orders.

Purse ANON

The official wallet is available for Windows. Weighs 11 gigabytes, the download of the blockchain takes about 10 hours. Comparable to one circle of hell, but the result is worth it. A small installation guide.

  1. Downloaded Java SE Development Kit 10 here and install.
  2. Downloadable graphical user interface on the link. Unpack in any convenient place.
  3. In the unpacked folder run first_run.bat.
  4. Include file AnonFullNodeWallet.exe.

The alternative is easy Zeltrez. Its downloadable here, works well.

Blockchain Explorer ANON

The blocks in the chain ANON tracked here.

Looks not the best way, but there are no other options.

Mining ANON

As already wrote above, ANON is working on an algorithm Equihash 144,5. Digging a coin on the Nvidia and AMD, ASIC miners are not suitable.

Recommend you mine on the pool 2Miners. Dig as a solo or together with all. To start downloadable this archive and enter the password 2miners.

After that, according to tradition, the edited batch file. Be sure to enter your address and specify the name Riga, which will appear on the website statistics. No more than 32 characters including dashes and underscores.

Settings EWBF’s Miner look like this:

@echo off
miner.exe --algo 144_5 --pers --AnonyPoW server --port 9090 --user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID --pass x
ping > nul
goto :restart

The profitability of mining ANON

Anon has not grown to WhatToMine. The profitability of production consider using the calculator for ruby. For example, take sol 448/s, which gives farm of eight Nvidia 1080Ti.

Get a perspective of almost 9 coins during the day. At the rate of 82 cents the total is $ 7. Not a bad result.

We recommend to go solo at least with nine of these farms. In this case the profit will be approximately $ 65 per day.

Find out the best options for mining on the pool using the GeForce GTX 1070, 1080 and 1080 Ti will turn out in this article.

How to earn more?

As already mentioned, the web is ANON working and masternode. On the day they account for approximately 2520 coins. When mastered was 100, the annual ROI was $ 1800 per cent. Now their number has increased significantly, so the rate decreased. Today he is at the level of 300 percent. It is important to remember that if the exchange rate will grow, together with it will increase earnings.

It turns out that 1000 invested dollars a year will bring 3000. Of course, in the near future, the profitability will probably decline, however, to catch the train. To jump in the car and to receive a share or an mastered in just a few clicks will turn on 2Masternodes.

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