How to make YouTube safer for your kids?

YouTube is the most popular app in the world videos, and of course it is very popular among the children also, everyone knows that YouTube has some great videos which is great for kids also, but has found a series of differences which reached to the site since last year when he discovered the people that their children watched some video clips inappropriate.

This doesn’t represent a big surprise to anyone who uses YouTube, but it is troubling when there are these videos on YouTube Kids, an application which is specifically designed to broadcast content suitable for children, and fortunately, I have a YouTube Kids many options for parents, which allow them enable keep their children in safety videos not suitable.

And if you are wondering about the reason for the hype, the YouTube app Kids which is available in India since 2016 complaints about inappropriate ads for fast food, and complaints about content, privacy, and also video clips include tips suicide, the following here’s how to keep your children safe from this kind of content:

How to set a passcode on the application YouTube Kids

Follow these steps to set a passcode on the application YouTube Kids, which will give you the possibility of removing children from bypassing the restrictions that you specify.

  • The application YouTube Kids on Android or iOS.
  • Click on the icon of the lock at the bottom right.
  • Then solve the mathematical problem and click submit Submit.
  • Set a passcode consisting of four digits and confirm.

This will create a passcode to access the settings and limitations of the application, as long as the children don’t know the passcode this, you will not be able to override any restrictions on the YouTube app Kids.

How to maintain the safety of kids on YouTube Kids

If you log in to your account on the YouTube app Kids, follow these steps to enable related settings to keep your children safe on YouTube Kids.

  1. The application YouTube Kids on Android or iOS.
  2. Click on the icon of the lock at the bottom right, then enter your passcode.
  3. Tap Settings Settings.
  4. Then click on the profile name of the son of your kid’s profile name.
  5. Enter your Gmail password and log in.
  6. Then disable the Allow search, this will remove the search option and your child to find videos, unwanted YouTube Kids.
  7. And then enable the content only approved content, and once you do, you can move on to the main screen and select the channel you want to watch your kids videos of them.
  8. After that make a pause watch history, watch history, followed by the application YouTube Kids of methods are used for video display or search terms in the app recommendation to other videos to watch.

If you use the YouTube app Kids without logging in, you’ll see most of these options within the settings, but won’t stop tools parental controls provided in Step 7.

How to reduce the time of kids on YouTube Kids

Will allow you these steps to determine the duration of the participation of your child to your YouTube videos via the YouTube app Kids, namely:

  • The application YouTube Kids on Android or iOS.
  • Click on the icon of the lock at the bottom right, then enter your passcode.
  • Press the timer Timer.
  • You can now set a time limit between one minute and 60 minutes, to watch your children’s videos, once completed, click the start the provisional Start timer.

How to report videos that are inappropriate for the application YouTube Kids

Let you these simple steps to report videos not suitable for children on YouTube Kids.

  • The application YouTube Kids on Android or iOS.
  • Run any video.
  • Stop the video temporarily, then click the flag icon Flag icon Or button to “report Report “.
  • Select the problem with the video of the three options the two images is not appropriate or the video is inappropriate or otherwise.
  • Then click Report Report.
  • You can also block specific video clips from appearing on YouTube Kids, through open any channel on YouTube Kids.
  • Then click on the icon Three points of the vertical under the video.
  • Click ban this video Block this video.

Will allow you these steps to videos not appropriate away from your kids on YouTube Kids, as you should also think about alternatives such as Netflix (which contains a section dedicated to kids) as one among many other things.


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