How to make money on masternode? An overview of the services for selling shares and hosting

Masternode is an important part of the cryptocurrency world. The term hides a special network nodes that confirm the transaction and receive compensation for work performed. Now tell, where can you buy Chery mastered what kind of Commission you take these services and how beneficial this idea.

The first time we wrote about masternode in mid-February. The article scored many hits and caused an active discussion in our chat. The reason is simple. Masternode is a good option for passive income.

Nominally they are called alternative to mining, but the total a little. To run masternode no need to buy a graphics card to rent the room and be afraid of the visit of the Riot police. Here it is sufficient to create a server, it is good to invest and get interest. The process is more like a Bank Deposit. Understand more info.

What is masternode

Masternode server, which checks and approves transactions in the network of cryptocurrency. Masternode provide custom functions and decentralization. In General, it increases the stability and security of the network.

Masternode are not free. As in the case of mining, each new unit brings reward. Payments are, of course, in coins network.

For the proper functioning of the site need launched cryptocurrency wallet is selected, a full synchronization with bloccano and hour. Still need to put in the wallet a certain amount, which will be frozen as security. The most popular coin for mastered — DASH. It accounts for more than 70 percent of all servers.

If we talk about the crypt in the context of the market, it takes the twelfth place in the ranking of CoinMarketCap. Her capitalization of 2.71 billion dollars.

The start up cost. List mastered

List, profitability and other characteristics traditionally look at MNrank. If you want a human interface, try

Take for example the same Dash. Running masternode in this network will cost 1000 coins, which at the current rate equivalents 337 thousand dollars. A day as a reward will receive 0,19 coins — $ 64. Total annual undertaking at a constant rate will bring us 23,36 thousand dollars. Nested 337 thousand is not going anywhere and will return to our purse after the closing node.

Expensive? Expensive. There are other options. For example, the launch of the VIVO masternode will cost almost $ 600, and MonacoCoin — 1019 dollars. The latter will bring a dollar every day.

Why do we need services for the sale of shares in masternode

Due to the high cost of running masternode appeared services for the sale cher. This refers to the English “share” — share.

The meaning of their work is simple — users invest money and get a proportional share of remuneration. The creators of the service charge a Commission. Everyone is happy. Have something on the type of mining pool.

Services enough. Here is a list of those known to us.


Look at them closely. Here is the first list — masternode.

Sounds odd that the authors did not added any pictures. Their right, but if want to trust them with their 337 thousand dollars? The service is asking for the support of masternode Dash 2155 of dollars every month. At today’s exchange rate of coins fall to minus $ 235.

View another option is Dashmasternode. Like business card Studio development sites. Especially pleasing are “100% happy customers.”

There are pluses. Hosting masternode costs 0.1 Dash for the month, and the Commission is around 10 percent.

Midas have a good website, but little information. You can explore a road map of the company and its development plans.

Do not forget that for correspondence, payment and other types of communication needs a good knowledge of the English language.

2Masternodes — the announcement of the project

Team 2Биткоина and 2Miners is preparing a new project — 2Masternodes. Its main chips — convenience and simplicity. Users will be able to buy a share in masternode in a few clicks, and it will be set up and synchronized automatically.

The hosting will not have to pay. The only deduction will be 10 per cent, to be charged only upon payment of remuneration. 10 percent — and nothing more. A full description of our services, read here.

How does 2Masternodes

The service allows you to buy an entire masternode or part of it. Configuring the server startup and synchronization of the blockchain and other actions are performed automatically. Payments also. Each investor receives a share in accordance with the size of the payment.

Registration is not necessary. The transaction is open, therefore, to assess the earnings of others to get through the blockchain-Explorer. To buy Chery need a fully local wallet cryptocurrency need access to private keys.

What coins do you support

  • Dash (Dash)
  • PACcoin ($PAC)
  • SmartCash (SMART)
  • ZCoin (XZC)

The new coin, by analogy with 2miners will be added over time.

An example of the work 2Masternodes

We present the case of service.

Launched on service masternode VIVO successfully works and makes payments to owners in accordance with percentage of investment.

1. The service provides an e-wallet to transfer coins to it:


2. User “John” VX8PMuT5gqZZhvUNdZBFRbkosMmTfodAd4 sent 380 VIVO to the address of the service 2018-03-08 15:54:30.

3. 2Masternodes received the required number of coins VIVO to launch masternode (1000 VIVO) and started to nod 2018-03-08 20:51:04 address VXAtdy3Qxa8D5XgAf8DGCTZkS7TPxpzrsb. User “John” has made the amount needed for start — 353.5 VIVO, and the balance remained at 26.5 wallet service in anticipation of launch next masternode. Thus, in masternode VXAtdy3Qxa8D5XgAf8DGCTZkS7TPxpzrsb “John” invested 35.35% of the total.

4. Masternode successfully regularly receives remuneration for 5 coins VIVO.

5. 2 APR on the service running the system of payments and each user wageprice to masternode now regularly receives reward from these 5 coins.

6. 2018-04-03 18:22:31 masternode received 5 VIVO.

7. 2018-04-03 21:20:35 masternode sent reward usersthis rewards the service took 10% Commission on the wallet VRqFCCsdatb6N3kQ8Vr3YLpgUFTRoZAaf8, respectively, for payments to users were 4.5 VIVO.

8. User “John” received 35.35% from 4.5 VIVO = 1.59 VIVO.

Just? Just. Comfortable? Divine.

When will 2Masternodes

The exact dates yet, but soon will be. While you can go to the website and subscribe to the newsletter. If e-mail is tired, use Twitter or Telegram. Looking forward to your visit.

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