How to make money in a bear market? Master-class venture capital investor

If you have forgotten again in 2018 was the period of “the collapse of the bubble” of cryptocurrency. The assets of most investors decreased significantly during this time, the background correction of Bitcoin. However, some still managed to make a profit with heavy for coins.

For example, a venture capitalist Max Keiser was able to increase his portfolio several times during the year. He has published some information about his investments in Twitter, and also announced its forecast of the future price of Bitcoin. It is noteworthy that the case of the Kaiser much like the story of the trader Mark Dow, who was able to short Bitcoin almost at the peak of its value.

How to make money on the fall of cryptocurrency

Instead of buying doubtful altcoins Max Keiser started to invest in the very infrastructure of the stock market. Judging by his tweet, it has invested in Kraken, Bitstamp, Shapeshift, Bitfinex, Bitso, BitPesa, BitPay, CasaHODL, Unocoin and Uphold. Thanks to the successful diversification of the assets to cryptoanalysis managed to increase its portfolio to at least ten times.

But in 2019, such profits may not be. Recently in the show of CNBC economist Anthony Grisanti said that kriptonyte recently weakened. In other words, the final push for Bitcoin below $ 3,000 will force many holders to merge their digital assets at market price.

Earlier, analysts at the Federal reserve Bank of St. Louis statedthat the main obstacle in front of ballroom is a huge amount of altcoins on the market. In any case, Max Keiser believes that in the future Bitcoin will still be able to grow even up to 150 thousand dollars. Just have to wait, to hope and to subscribe to our cryptcat.

To see the change of trend and the beginning of the Year just in time in the rating of the coins at the link.


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