How to make Google Assistant for Android short answer

Over the past few years Google Assistant received not so many updates. Come to mind is that small cosmetic updates like nightly themes, compact interface or the integrated tool for interfacing with the devices of the smart home. And with regard to speaking skills assistant, here Google or thought he was, and as good or updated assistant-a quiet, notifying only this fall, when Google introduced Assistant 2.0, which has learned not only to answer quickly but also, importantly, to be brief.

“Brevity — the sister of talent” — it’s about Google Assistant

Probably, everyone faced with a situation where Google Assistant instead briefly say that he has no answer, began to recite it and recognise that it intends to search in Google. On the one hand, it is good that the assistant is voiced by their actions that the user knew about the course of their conversation, even when not facing the screen of the smartphone. But, on the other hand, sometimes you absolutely don’t want to listen to what already know, especially if said it himself a few seconds ago, turning to the assistant. If you are one of those who value their time, especially for you in Google Assistant 2.0 have the ability to include short answers.

How to turn short answers into Google Assistant

  • To enable quick responses, go to “Settings” — “Google” — “Search Assistant and voice control”;
  • In the opened window select “Google” — “Assistant” — “Phone”;

On the left was on the right became

  • In the section “Voice and speech” tab, the “Sound output” and activate the function of short responses.

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At the moment the feature is only available to owners of smartphones Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL. Anyway, you can detect it on other devices is not possible. Besides, apparently, the function of short responses is still in the testing phase, because sometimes Google Assistant does answer a question is shorter than usual, and sometimes not responding at all, even if you want a direct answer. Most often this happens if you ask the assistant about the weather. In this case, it displays the summary for the screen, leaving it without a sound.

How to manage Google voice Assistant

It’s obvious that Google is very actively engaged in the development of the Google Assistant, trying to make it not only functional, but also comfortable. Personally I was very annoyed when the assistant is given a two-minute tirade about the fact that he has no answer to my question, what is me recounting it exactly to the letter. Of course, nothing prevents me to stop the flow of words by pressing the microphone button, but sometimes this possibility is not trivial, especially if you talk with the assistant by voice and are not able to look at the screen.

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If this feature along with other innovations in Google Assistant 2.0 will work on other smartphones — a reason to limit it to only “pixels” I do not see – he has all chances to become unattainable assistant. Not only that, Google Assistant will save your time for its brevity, and rapidity with which he selects the answers. Perhaps it’s worth it to spend it on half a Gigabyte of memory and have the ability to control the smartphone voice is absolutely seamless.

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