How to make any browser running in private browsing mode permanently

Does not provide the complete privacy, but it prevents the browser from saving your history and your cookies and private data during browsing sessions. Therefore you can start your browser always in private browsing mode if you prefer.

Wouldn’t want most people to use private browsing mode permanently. Where Will you login to websites that you use every time you open the browser, because your browser won’t save cookies that maintain the login status for your websites.

  • Google Chrome Google Chrome

Activate incognito mode in Google Chrome by default, you must add the command line option command line option to the selected shortcut, through the following steps:

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First, locate the shortcut that you use to run Google Chrome — either on the taskbar or the desktop or the Start Menu Start. Then right-click on it and select “properties Properties “.

If you use the shortcut in the taskbar taskbar, you’ll need to right-click on the selection of Google Chrome on the taskbar taskbar, right-clicking on the “Google Chrome” in the menu that will appear, then select “properties Properties “.

Add -incognito to the end of the text in the box target. This area of one company and then the word incognito.

Then click on “OK” to save the changes after adding this option.

Start Google Chrome now in incognito mode when you run it from this shortcut. If you use other tests to run Google Chrome, you’ll also need to be adjusted.

Control the children by the browser

And this change in the future, edit your choices and remove the text -incognito you just added.

  • Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox:

Lets you Firefox enable private browsing mode automatically via the Options window. Therefore, try clicking on menu then options to open the Options to open it.

Then click on the Tab “Privacy” category at the left side of the window to access the privacy settings. At the bottom of the “archives of History”, click the box to “Firefox will” and select “Never remember history”. Then after that, you will be prompted to restart Firefox.

Will use Firefox, always the same settings you use in private browsing mode, although it won’t know interface design specialist regular. It will appear only as a window Firefox normal.

And this change in the future, come back to this part and tell Firefox that you want to remember your record again remember your history again.

  • Apple Safari Apple Safari

Includes the Safari browser on system MacOS option allows you to open, always in private browsing mode. And to find it, open Safari and click on Safari then Preferences.

In the “in General“, click the box “Safari opens with” and select “special window NEW private window”. And then when you open Safari in the future, it will be opened in private browsing mode.

And this change in the future, come back here and ask Safari to open “a new window A new window” instead.

  • Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge

The ability to open the Edge always in incognito mode is one of its numerous features which are not offered by Microsoft Edge even now. It may buy Microsoft someday add this feature to the Edge in the update of a future to Windows 10.

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  • Internet Browser Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will need to add a command line option to the shortcuts to Internet Explorer your clean browse incognito In Private by default.

Specify the location of the shortcut that you use to run Internet Explorer, then right-click it, select properties Properties. If you use the taskbar shortcut, you will need to right-click Internet Explorer on the taskbar, then right-click “Internet Explorer” again, and select properties Properties.

And then add -privateإلى the end of the target box. This combination is a space and then one of the word private. Then click OK to save the changes.

Will now start Internet Explorer with enabled review of the design hidden In Private when you run it through this shortcut. And if you used other tests to run Internet Explorer, you will need to modify all of them.

And this change in the future, edit the shortcuts to Internet Explorer your own and remove the text -private that you added from the target box.

It is worth noting that they you should remember that your browser will not be able to save their login status or preferences of the web sites or any other type of data if you do. This could be a blessing and a curse at the same time.

How to make any browser running in private browsing mode permanently

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