How to make a photo “from above” on your iPhone even better

To make cool pictures on the iPhone, often do not need to download third-party applications. Standard “Photo” actually has a lot of useful features, some of which, however, have to be activated manually. One such feature is the “Grid”.

“Grid” allows you to use improvised “level” when taking photos from above — for example, coffee cups or smartphone. To enable this, go to “Settings” and then “Camera” where to move the corresponding toggle switch.

After that, the Camera app will not only mesh, which can be used to monitor the horizon, but also two crosses (yellow and white) that need to be combined to the best balance in the picture. There are “crosses” basically, when making a snapshot from above.

It is possible that many knew about this feature “Camera”, but new users often don’t find her — including the fact that the ability is activated in the settings.

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