How to listen to YouTube on iOS in the background and on the lock screen

Despite the fact that until some time in the mobile version of YouTube was not able to play in the background, she recently appeared, but only in the form of paid features that are available within the package YouTube Premium. Needless to say that the majority of users have ignored the emergence of long-awaited innovations, refusing to pay for the dubious privilege. However, we know how to take advantage of this privilege, while absolutely free.

Play YouTube videos in the background will allow the application “Quick commands”, which Apple released last summer. Unfortunately, it was misunderstood by many users, some of which have not even tried to install it, not to mention the fact, to understand the peculiarities of its functioning. I hope the opportunity to listen to YouTube in background by using “Quick commands” will change your attitude.

How to play YouTube from the lock screen

  • To play YouTube and listen to it in the background, you must download the app “Fast commands” on the iPhone or iPad
  • Now install team YouTube Background, saving it on the device.
  • Open YouTube in Safari and start the desired video.
  • Press “Share” in the upper right corner and scrolling through the list of available actions, select “Quick commands”;
  • Then click on the command Background YouTube;
  • You can now exit Safari and resume playback by pressing Play in the “control room”.

Important: after minimizing Safari or lock the device, playback is on pause. Therefore, in order to continue, you must initiate playback again.

How to watch YouTube in the mode of “picture in picture”

Please note that the video will open in a new window. Because of this you will also be able to use the “picture-in-picture”, reproducing the videos on YouTube not only in background but also when performing other tasks.

Just hit the appropriate key, adjust the window size and use without paying for a subscription to Premium YouTube.

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