How to listen to YouTube on Android in the background. And even after blocking

Not always we have the ability to watch YouTube continuously. Then you have to listen to him, especially if this is not a review of the next smartphone, and, for example, a stand-up show, which usually is important only to them. This is available in the standard YouTube app, but requires a premium subscription for under two hundred rubles a month. Today we will show you a simple way to listen to content on YouTube, even if your phone just locked.

To be able to listen to what is happening on YouTube, in the background, you will need Kiwi Browser. But do not rush to close the article, because it is an enhanced copy of Google Chrome, to which you have become accustomed.

See for yourself. Kiwi Browser built on chromium technology and almost 100% mirrors the design of Chrome for Android. However, this is the case, when the copy better than the original.

How to install the extension for Chrome on Android

First, Kiwi supports Browser extensions for the desktop version of Chrome. We already talked about this feature, browser our channel to Yandex.Zen, so we will not dwell on it again. Secondly, Kiwi has a built-in Browser night theme. Third, Kiwi Browser supports gestures. Thanks to them you can move between pages using swipe. And fourth, what you opened this article, support background play YouTube.

How to make YouTube not turn off when you lock the smartphone

  • Download Kiwi Browser on your smartphone;
  • Run it and navigate the website;
  • Open any video then exit to the desktop and lock the smartphone.

Yes, it’s that simple. You will not need to install any extensions or buy a subscription. Everything is absolutely free and as usual, because, recall, Kiwi Browser is just an improved version of the original Google Chrome.

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Application: Kiwi Browser — Fast & Quiet
Developer: Geometry OU
Category: Communication
Price: Free
Download: Google Play
Application already interested in: 256 people

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