How to listen to music from Vkontakte without Internet

The music streaming services discourage. With them completely forget that the music you listen to now will be unavailable, will disappear as soon as the Network connection or run out of subscription. Unfortunately, thinking about it just then, when it’s too late to do something about it. For example, on Board the flight “Moscow – Bangkok”, which, unfortunately, still wifi is not working. In such situations, there is only one to stock up on music in advance. But how to do it, especially if we are talking about tracks from VK?

In the first place this method will be useful for those who prefer not to depend on subscription services or uses “Vkontakte” as the main music grounds.

To be able to listen to music from “Vkontakte” on your iPhone or iPad even if you are not connected to the Internet, you’ll need, oddly enough, the Telegram.

How to download music from VK

  • Install messenger (download from the App Store) on your device, if not previously done so, and register;
  • Install bot AudioBot;
  • Click “Start” and log in using your account “Vkontakte”. If you are worried that bot will steal your data you can simply enter the address of their page into the address bar to get access to their music library;
  • To search for songs that are not saved you have on the page, enter a search string in the track title or artist and save it in the Telegram;
  • After that, the recording will be stored in the cache device, and you will be able to listen to it, regardless of Internet connection.

It is important to understand that the tracks that you store in the Telegram with AudioBot, not stored in the cloud, and are loaded into the memory of your device. So, if you want to download from “Vkontakte” several albums for offline listening, get ready to free up disk space.

And what ways to save music from “Vkontakte” are you? Let us know in our Telegram chat.

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