How to learn the content of Facebook messages Messenger deleted

After the Facebook and application Messenger from activating the feature to delete messages within the specified duration, will not find the user of a way to get to know the content of those messages you receive inadvertently or deliberately.

Practically, the system displays alerts and Notification systems of smart phones Android a summary of each message as it presents the application of the messenger with cross-feature implementation of floating content for each message immediately upon receipt. But not necessarily that the user can have access to it if said sender immediately delete it from both parties.

Application Notification history – Timeline characteristic in these cases and work on application Messenger but with all the apps on your mobile phone and watch each letter up and let the state keep a copy of them with you that letter of the annex.

When the sender delete the message that sent by just. Works app Notification history – Timeline to keep a copy of them for reference for you when you need in the time you don’t get that message in the chat box on the application of the messenger and the rest of the applications where it is replaced by the message that so and so Removed a message.

The app is easy to use and no need to grant the authority access to system alerts, in addition to the allocation of work in to keep those messages and watching the work of a specific application or all applications.

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