How to know the password of the Wi-Fi connected to your Android smartphone

While using your Android device you likely connected to dozens of Wi-Fi networks. School, home, work, gym, home, your friends and family, café – every time you enter one of those Wi-Fi passwords, your Android device stores it for safe and easy access to this network in the future.

The only problem here is that you can’t see the stored Wi-Fi passwords that are stored on your device. You may want to connect a second device to one of these networks, or your friend wants to enter the same access point, but without the ability to access the actual passwords that are stored on your device, your chances are close to zero.

Therefore, the developer Alexandros Shillings (Alexandros Schillings) decided to fix this problem with the app that allows you to view passwords of all Wi-Fi that you’ve ever saved on your Android device. The app needs access to root, but it allows you to search and share saved Wi-Fi passwords is incredibly easy.

1. Download and install WiFi Key Recovery

The aforementioned developer called WiFi Key Recovery, and it is available in the store Google Play absolutely for free. Locate the application name to install it on your device, or use the link below to go directly to a page setup.

Download WiFi Key Recovery Google Play

2. See the list of saved passwords

When you first run WiFi Key Recovery app will ask for the so-called “Superuser access” (superuser access). Hit “Grant” (grant) in the pop-up window, and you will get a list containing all the Wi-Fi network to which you’ve ever connected to, where each entry displays the password in the “psk”.

If you were connected to a large number of different Wi-Fi networks while using your Android device, your app can be quite long. If so, you can use to look for a specific network using the field “SSID Quicksearch” (quick search on SSID).

3. Share Wi-Fi passwords

If you need to share one of those passwords with another device, you have several options. First, you can simply tap on any entry in the list and then will appear a small menu. This allows you to use the built-in Android menu “Share” to send either the password or the entire record. There is also the option to share via QR code, but for this you need to install additional app.

If you for some reason want to store this whole list, press the menu button with the icon of three dots on the navigation bar at the bottom. From here, select “Export” (Export) to create a text file with this information.

From here you can use standard Android menu “Share” to send this file to another device or simply click “To SD” if you want to keep a copy of this text file in your device’s memory. And, of course, if your list is too long, you can always make an ordinary screenshot and similarly share it.

Application: WiFi Key Recovery
Developer: Alexandros Schillings
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

In what situations do you use WiFi Key Recovery or a similar app? Share your answers in the comments under this material in our Telegram chat.

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