How to install voice recorder app from Google Pixel 4 on any Android smartphone

New Google Pixel 4 comes with several exclusive features, not available, unfortunately, on other Android smartphones. And if options such as Project Soli, which is not so long ago told menot to get anywhere but on the gadget from the search giant will not leave, then here are some other things it is possible to “pull” on your favorite gadget. How to get advanced voice recorder app? Will tell you right now!

Part of the Google Pixel options 4 you unhindered use

How to install the recorder from Google

But someone may ask, but what’s so good about “Google voice recorder”? In fact, the answer is simple and banal: the program offers you not only the options for creating voice notes, but also has a built-in system of “decoding speech.” So you can’t just record your (or someone else’s) voice, but also to search inside this entry on the key words as if they are written in text form. And the app will immediately offer you to listen to desired piece. Extremely useful option.

As for the installation process, then it is quite simple, but note that it is suitable only for Android 9.0 and higher. With other versions of the mobile OS, this approach may not work. First you need to download the APK file (it is, roughly speaking, archive the installer file of the program) at this link. Then you only need to install the application, unzip the ARC file. That’s about it. The program is ready to work, but there are a few important observations.

First, the higher the version of your operating system — the less likely it is that the work will appear any mistakes. In particular, the program practically works without problems on Google Pixel 3 running Android 10 and One Plus 6T running Android Pie. Users of these gadgets say about very positive. And would you like yourself a voice recorder from Google? Please share your opinion in our chat in Telegram.

Second, unfortunately, not all of the stated options at the moment are working properly. For example, the program is pretty good “filters” for the voice clip and isolate them from background noises like applause or music, but if sources of the additional sound for more than three or four, some users have reported an issue in the application.

Also (which is quite logical) best app decrypts the English language, but to recognize the track playing in the background of the recordings (even though he heard very well), the app for some reason refuses. So if you need just only “slightly advanced recorder from Google”, you can download this app and start to use it. Everything about writing, there are done very well.

However, if you want to get the full version — it is better to pay attention to alternative solutions. In particular, I would like to recommend you to read our material on this subject. There you will pick up what you need.

To decrypt the text, and through third-party applications

Well, if the solution you need right now, then pay attention to the Live service transcribe, which supports more than 70 languages (Russian, of course, available). Minus here only the one: Live transcribe, unlike “Google-voice recorder” requires constant Internet connection to work.

Download: Live transcribe

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