How to install iOS 12 for all

Three weeks after the release of the beta 12 version of iOS for developers, Apple has released a preview version of the mobile operating systemthat can be set for every death. If you don’t want to wait for autumn and have a wild desire to see the new features right now, why not roll a long-awaited update?

How to install a public beta version of iOS 12

  • To install the public beta version of iOS, go with a mobile device on this link to register
  • Log in to your account Apple ID
  • Accept the user agreement
  • Go to the tab iOS
  • Select the device you want to register in the beta program
  • Download profile
  • Confirm the profile installation on the device itself. When the installation is complete the device will reboot
  • Now go to “Settings” — “General” — “software Update” in the dialog to download the update and install it.

Attention! For correct operation of the beta iOS 12 all old profiles of the beta versions of iOS you want to delete. This can be done in Settings -> General -> Profiles.

And don’t forget: the status of the beta means that not all functions can run stably. So if you are going to install the Assembly on the device is your working tool, I advise you to think carefully.

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