How to install fonts to iPhone without jailbreak

Of the things that upset the users of the iPhone, especially coming from the world of Android, he can’t control the line type system. The truth is that the procedure of the Apple intact because the font type significantly affects performance. But there is information not known by millions of lovers of the Apple is that Apple keep changing the system font but do not prevent you from using the font you want in your favorite apps. How’s that? We’ll tell you in this article…

Is the old Arab who had been Apple think it is called Geeza Pro of months and most beautiful types of the lines where it was clear the pure revised and then Apple has to change it to the line SF Pro which did not please the majority of users “in Arabic”. However the time used on this line to open any particular application begins to write a feel that there is a deficiency in iOS. The love of writing as well as photographers prefer to use certain lines. Although Microsoft and Adobe and Apple, they provide a lot of fonts in their apps, but of course no one can provide all of the fonts. So you know the way to add your favorite line.

The way it works with external applications such as Microsoft Office and iWork, Adobe CC and other not modified the plan of the system itself.


Install the application lines such as AnyFont or we recommend you to download iFont because it is free and offers the same functionality.

iFont – Install any font!


Coding Corner LLP
Size 12.0 Mega
Version 4.1
متاح في متجر البرامج



Open the app you will see an option called download a the free fonts from Google; look for the line that you want, and then load it. If you don’t like any of these lines we’ll let you know at the end of the article How to add a special line you already have.


After you download the font you want, go to the tab Files at the bottom which includes all the fonts that have been imported in the app. Choose the font that you want to add to the system, and then tap install or Install next to the file name.


Now the app will analyze a profile Profile, but you’ll see a system Warning This is the normal interface and press click Allow and then click on the install profile the Install Profile, tap install the Install and enter your passcode.


Now you completed the steps and install the font and you can use it in any application of the device allows the use of fonts like the ones mentioned at the top.


Note that you will repeat the same previous steps with each line type you want to add.


Remove the plan at any time, go to Settings – General – cookies – then click on the line you wish to delete and then choose Delete the file.

Add a line there

If you prefer to type a certain line and is contained within the lines of the free Google first make sure that the font type OTF or TTF, and then do the following:


Go to any website and pressing the download this font and then click on the share icon and select To open it by an application iFont will appear as an option “copy to iFont” or “Copy To iFont”. If the font you have on your computer, you can put it in DropBox or use the site AirForShare and the line, and then from your phone open the Xbox or the site in question and also the conquest by iFont.


Will now be adding a line to the app and will save you in the tab Files completely then continue with the steps listed at the top of the “start from step number 3”

Have you ever thought of adding different fonts to your iPhone? And what is your line that you prefer to use in writing?

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