How to install extra browser Google Chrome Chrome extensions on Android system

اضافات متصفح جوجل كروم

As is well known in this context to the browser Google Chrome lots of accessories and additions Chrome extensions that can be downloaded and fixed it on the browser through the store additions to the webstore which is crawling with thousands of them.

We also all interested in studying the importance of these additions that offer the user a lot of benefits on the browser Google version your Windows. This resort we can’t actually default to take advantage of them on our phones operating systems Android.

We’ll be back here effective ways currently through which you can install these lights on mobile phones.

How to install extra browser Google Chrome Chrome extensions on Android system

Use the browser Yandex

Using your browser of Yandex will be able to get to the store extra Google Chrome and install the extras and make use of them as if you are using a version of Google Chrome your computer.

Work start on Download browser from Google Play Store at the following link:

Running through the address bar, type the following line:

Moving over to the Google store lighting and be able to there using the search option of downloading whatever you want from the extra.

Use Firefox

As an alternative to ace it on the Google Chrome browser. We find that Firefox is of utmost importance. The browser here gives us the option to download extra without restrictions.
Working on downloading from the following link:

Run it, scroll by clicking on the menu button Menu such as choose Desktop View.
Down the choice of tools, the Tools, and then clicking on the Browse for All Add-ons and added the following activate the option TTS command.

Go now to vote and get to the store extra the Chrome web store will be able to from there download the extras that you want.

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How to install extra browser Google Chrome Chrome extensions on Android system

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