How to install camera app for OnePlus 7 Pro on old smartphone OnePlus

This week, the company OnePlus has introduced the brand new OnePlus 7 Pro. The device has turned extremely interesting both from the point of view of design and functionality. It is immediately evident that the developers tried their best, improving not only hardware but also software. That only is obnovlennie the Camera app, which though is exclusive OnePlus 7 Pro turned out to be quite working properly on the older devices of the brand.

Updated the Camera app from the OnePlus firmware 7 Pro has a redesigned settings menu with the changed layout of the UI elements and expanded range of functions. First of all, the developers have removed the feature to capture when it detects a smile. Apparently, this feature was completely uncalled for. Also, the Smart Content Detection, and support for Google Lens, the activation of which is the long you hold your finger on the smartphone screen.

What can Google Lens

Through the Google Lens your smartphone will be able in real time to determine the objects of the material world, allowing you some way to interact with them. For example, point the camera at a phone number you can immediately make a call, and if the lens get a particular product, the algorithms will know what it is and find out where you can buy.

In addition, there is the option to manually configure the location of the main shooting modes. If you often shoot in Pro mode and almost never use portrait photography, thanks to the Customize modes will be able to swap them, brought in the quick access menu the most preferred mode.

To install the Camera app from the OnePlus firmware 7 Pro be enough to download the APK file and install as normal app. However, for this you will need a smartphone OnePlus running Android 9 Pie, because with earlier versions the updated the Camera, unfortunately, does not work.

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