How to install Arabic fonts on phones Android “no root”

May Lachin all the Arabic fonts on your phone Android only after you experience fine lines or at least see it on the phones of others. Where is replace the default font on the Samsung to tell work you’re tested. To show the new line and replace that line traditional wherever found on the phone system and applications installed on it.

Will show the new font on the keyboard and communication apps to visit its beautiful and elegant behind the work, our role in this area we’re always working on the test plan of the island “women side” or line screen. Two more lines of the Arab Group agrees with any of the operating systems on mobile phones.

How to install Arabic fonts on your phone Android “no root”

There are many apps that enable you to change the fonts the Fonts on the phone as Ifonts but it practically doesn’t work to change the English letter with the Arabic letters. So, was that roads require the breaking of the protection system and Root to implement this change , and applications of effective change calligraphy for phones the validity of the root is to apply the Arabic fonts available on the App Store at the following link:

Arabic fonts

If your phone is the validity of the root, it is enough that you run the application mentioned and links to the root and then choose the calligraphy from the menu and restart the phone to act as a replacement of the president in the phone.
That was and still is available to prevent the Access on the validity of the rotavirus. Without it you follow the method here to change the Font in your mobile phone to be able to add Arabic fonts to the phone menu Screen zoom & font.

Work first on Download font Samsung Samsung Fonts from the following link which is in the APK which you can install it like the rest of the apps on the phone.

Samsung Fonts

Download the Font from the previous link the requirement to complete tasks on phones that are running the nuclear and Oreo.

We come here to the next step.

Phones system nuclear NOUGAT

Working on the download pack Arabic fonts compatible with the system of nuclear Wings Arabic Fonts Package.apk from the following link:

Wings Arabic Fonts Package.apk

Install it and went to Settings Phone Settings then down to display and then to change the fonts and Screen zoom & font you will find that the system has added a long list of lines all begin with the Arabic pick what you want, and press the Apply the top of the screen to implement the process of change.

On the phones operating system the Oreo OREO

To be able to perform the step as they are on the system draw,, need more steps. That’s where this system works to disable the feature overlays by default a feature that allows this change.

Work first, after I have installed line Samsung Fonts, as I said, working on the download pack Arabic fonts compatible with this system from the following link:

Wings Arabic Fonts Package v2

Tops here to install the fonts pack Arabic first, and then you have to activate the feature overlays through the use of software ADB.
Download program ADB:

ADB Installer

Will the program of ADB on the computer works as inductor orders. CMD , you have to approve the messages to be held for the first time, answering us with Yes where will analyze some of the definitions from the web and the install wizard these definitions Drivers when successful. Linda my letter All Done and you’ll get out of this program and run the prompt command CMD system Windows.
I work here on the back off the phone and describe it to the computer via a cable.

The appearance of the screen of the orders of the black type the following:
adb shell
We here follow the message that will appear on the screen of the phone approval contact.

Since I have installed the fonts pack Arab, you have to implement it the following/
cmd overlay enable

We move on to the phone ,, you should move to your mobile phone and went to Settings Phone Settings then down to display and then to change the fonts and Screen zoom & font you will find that the system may extra list of fonts to start with: pick the desired font and then click on Apply to implement the change process.

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