How to install apps from third-party sources for Android 8.0 and above

Starting with Android 8.0 Oreo, the boot process of the applications has changed dramatically. Google removed the old option “Unknown Sources” (unknown sources) and replaced it with a special permit, which you must provide to each individual application. This new feature has misled many users “green robot”, which is used to set application old method, but in fact it turned out to be really useful and best side effect on security.

In the old days (Android Nougat and earlier) you needed just to put a tick to any app on your smartphone to install other apps. This could lead to the spread of malware, because at first glance, a safe app that you downloaded from Google Play, could theoretically install another application, that hasn’t already been checked by malware detection system AT the company store Google.

All this changed with the advent of Android Oreo and Android P. Now you need to give permission to install apps for each individual app. In other words, if you download the APK using the Chrome browser, you need to give Chrome permission to install this APK. Thus, the application can no longer install malware on your device as long as you do not allow me to do it.

Download new “Installation unknown applications”

Despite the new setting and the new permissions are actually on Oreo and later, Android has become a little easier to download apps. When you open the APK that is downloaded using any other application other than Google Play, you will be asked whether you want to allow this application to install other applications. This may sound a little complicated, but in reality everything is much easier.

Just click “Settings” in the notification that appears, then move to the active position of the switch “Allow installation of this source” on the resulting screen. From there double-click the “Back” button and you will be taken to the installation screen of the application. Just hit “Install” and everything will be ready.

The cancellation of the permit

If you have given permission to install unknown applications, and you now regret this decision to cancel it is quite simple. You need to find the menu “Install unknown apps” in your device’s settings.

On most phones you must go to “Settings” -> “Applications & notifications”, then scroll down and click on the section “Advanced settings” to see some more menu items. At the bottom of this list you’ll find the right option – click “Special access”, then select “Installation unknown applications” on the next screen.

If you are using Samsung smartphone, everything will be a little different. Go to “Settings” -> “Applications”, then press the menu button in the upper right corner and select there the category of “Special access”. Finally, tap on the “Install unknown apps” on the next screen.

If you are unable to find menu access in any of the above locations, use the search bar at the top of the home page settings, by driving there “Special access”.

Once you find the desired menu, select the application for which you have previously provided permission, and there just move the switch at the top of the screen in the down position, and then this app will no longer be able to install other applications.

Now that you know how it works in Android Oreo, you can see that Google in their latest update for the Android pays special attention to security that we, the consumers only benefit.

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