How to install a screen saver from the Apple TV to Mac computer

Since Apple TV 4, the user of the STB has at its disposal a gorgeous splash shot using aerial photography. The choice available to the landscapes and sights of new York, London, San Francisco and other cities. High quality rollers and their diversity allows us to successfully use them on a Mac. What do you need? Today will tell.

Initially, these videos were designed exclusively for owners of Apple TV 4 and above, however, enthusiasts were able to find an alternative solution path. As the rollers are very high quality and a lot of them, the process of screening is carried out via the Internet. By users has been found a live stream from Apple, which was broadcast this screensaver. Later it was created a program that adapted videos for Mac computers. It was called Aerial.

So, how to set a screensaver on Apple TV macOS?

  • The first thing you need to make sure that your computer is OS X Mavericks or newer version of the system.
  • Aerial download the program from GitHub
  • Run the downloaded file. The operating system will prompt you to install the screensaver. Agree.
  • In the opened menu, select screensaver Aerial.

  • Be previewed the screen saver by selecting “View”.

  • You can also configure the settings of the screensaver at your discretion. To do this, select “screen saver Settings…”. You can disable certain rollers, set the operation mode on different monitors and the quality of the playing video, you can configure the display text, and more.

You’re done! Going into standby, the Mac will give you new vistas.

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