How to increase volume on Android smartphone? App

A smartphone is a great device for media playback. But sometimes the volume is not enough and the earphones are far away. In this case, it is useful for “sound Amplifier”. The app is free and working, so will suit everyone.

Work with the app as simple as possible. The main menu consists of two sliders. The first shows the current volume level of the smartphone, and the second is the percentage of gain. While he stands at zero, “sound Amplifier” is not active.

There is also a settings button. It if necessary, remove the app icon from the notification window and select the type of increasing volume. Is soft and not. In addition, specify the maximum possible gain.

Developers are reminded that prolonged listening to music at high volume can impair your hearing and dynamics. Therefore, to specify the maximum value is not recommended.

The “amplifier” actually works and is suitable for playing music, videos and audiobooks. To recommend the program to all who are not satisfied with the quiet speakers on the smartphone.

Application: audio Amplifier
Developer: FeniKsenia
Category: Music & audio
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 372 human

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