How to increase the profitability of mining? The response of the developers Bloq Labs

Organization Bloq Labs introduced the beta version of the software, designed specially for the miners. The Titan must “make the most” of equipment for mining cryptocurrency. Co-founder of the Bloq Jeff garzik’s announced the completion of work on the project during a recent conference Binance in Singapore.

How to make money on the mining of cryptocurrencies

We will remind, in the spring of 2017, the company Bloq announced the creation of the new unit Bloq Labs, aimed at supporting opensorce projects for Bitcoin and the entire ecosystem of cryptocurrencies in General. After some time in the Bloq Labs built the list of miners that will participate in the first test of the Titan.

Titan will get the most out of your machines.

The project was led by programmer Ryan Kondron. Titan for quite a long time was created in secrecy. Now the company has opened waitlist for the beta test. At the moment the list has already registered 71 miner. It is planned that copies of the Titan will be available for free, but the company will benefit from increased Hasrat equipment.

The developers hope will become a hot tool among the major mining centers. Increasing the profitability of mining coins at least ten percent may already bring them a lot of money. Titan is compatible with most popular cryptocurrencies and algorithms.

To follow large mining farm is pretty hard — you need to configure each device individually, follow the work of ustroystv and constantly choose the most profitable coin for mining.

Source: Bitcoinist

Apparently, Titan will be able to tie together the infrastructure of major mining centres and will take over the task of caring for astami or graphics cards. More information about the new can be found in our chat. Also don’t forget to visit the pool 2Miners.


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