How to increase the autonomy of the smartphone?

The bad autonomy is the main problem that worries smartphone users. Increasingly, manufacturers are in favor of the design and functions of the neglected autonomy, this leads to the fact that by lunchtime the phone is fully discharged. How to deal with this? In this article we will try to answer this question.

Don’t play games

Yes, this is obvious, but not to mention impossible. Games strongly affect the autonomy of the phone. Not playing the game, you can extend the lifetime of the device from a single charge several times.

Use a dark Wallpaper

Due to its IPS technology display spend with a dark Wallpaper as much energy as in the case with light. But this does not apply to AMOLED screens, which with the advent of cutouts and holes become more popular solution. The AMOLED screens on a black background almost does not spend battery power, keep that in mind.

Disable Always On Display

This feature was presented by Samsung, but similar functionality and are equipped with other phones. We have conducted a survey among the readers of the Telegram-chat, which showed that AOD spends about 4-5% of battery per night. Therefore, you should disable this feature in the phone settings or the flexibility to configure it.

Do not use mobile network

Mobile network on a par with games very quickly consumes battery power. In the case of 5G-technology consumption further increase, so try to look more in the direction of the Wi-Fi connection.

Monitor background processes and running applications

The load on the CPU and memory leads to more power consumption, therefore, try to control running processes and applications. In the multitasking menu should close open applications, so they do not work in the background.

Reduce the screen brightness

This is the most obvious, but very effective way to increase autonomy.

And some methods of dealing with this problem you know? Share them in the Telegram chat or in the comments below.

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