How to increase download speed of web pages and protect your traffic on your Android

Despite the extensive customization of Android, until recently, manually change the DNS connection on the smart phones was very difficult. By default, this feature appeared only this year with the release of Android 9 Pie, however, was available only to owners of devices based on actual Assembly. This is a very big omission on the part of Google, but the developers of the company Cloudflare has released an app, which will not only expedite the work, but ensure its protection.

Running the application allows you to activate the device address DNS from Cloudflare. It allows you to speed up the loading of URLS through the use of an extensive network infrastructure by connecting the user to servers that are geographically closest to the user, allowing thus to increase the speed of loading web pages. However, as the developers promise, their service does not keep logs about all transfers longer than one day, erasing all the data packets that were received in operation 24 hours later.

Why change DNS

At the moment you activate the DNS address, the application automatically creates a local VPN profile, so that if you change your location, but encrypts the https tls standards go. Unfortunately, this prevents activation of another VPN, which you may have been accustomed to use in everyday life. In this case, it will have to compromise and either to disable, or to sacrifice a proven method of ensuring the security of your online activities.

One and perhaps the only problem is, which can draw the attention of the users request the app access to the microphone and media files from the device memory. According to the developers, does not collect user data on the Network and certainly not involved in their wire. And the queries described above permissions are a requirement of reporting errors and crashes. However, if you wish, you can always restrict these privileges manually.

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App: Faster & Safer Internet

Developer: Cloudflare
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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