How to improve the accuracy of GPS on Android

The GPS sensor on your smartphone is required to use navigation applications and services, such as Google Maps. However, sometimes the GPS signal may not work properly. And if it is not equipment failure (which happens rarely), then you are quite capable to fix the smartphone and improve the positioning accuracy of GPS on Android smart phone.

GPS is a very handy thing, without which it is difficult to imagine any modern gadget

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What is GPS?

It is useful to understand how GPS works and to optimize its functionality, let’s first understand what it is. GPS stands for “global positioning system” and was developed by the U.S. army in 1973. But in the eighties, technology became available to civilians. Orbiting the Earth a global network of satellites for which and calculated coordinates. It is sufficient that the signal transmitter was in zone coverage 3 satellites at a time. Originally GPS had 24 satellites, but now in orbit are 31 active GPS satellite. Any gadget communicates with the satellites through the GPS module. The antenna is connected through the driver to the software. This means that there are three main sources which can cause problems with GPS:

  • The number of GPS satellites in your current location
  • The quality of the work of a GPS receiver on the smartphone
  • The driver in the operating system

Improve location accuracy

To get the best signal, you should be ready to “give” to the GPS module a little more battery than usual. It is a necessary sacrifice which is sometimes worth a go. In this case, you can always cancel this option in the future. Go to “Settings”, then to “location Settings”. In this section you need go to “Advanced settings” and select “Improving positioning accuracy”. Also it would be nice to turn on Wi-Fi to access points also improve the definition of your location on the map. And you often use GPS? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

Perform recalibration of the GPS

If you suspect that your GPS signal does not work correctly, you can recalibrate. For this you will need a Compass app. Some phones have it preinstalled version. But if for some reason you deleted it, you will need to download it from the Google Play store. In the program there is a special option for calibrating the GPS. Just run it.

Find out whether your problems are hardware or software GPS

To find the problem — then half to solve it

For this perfect app is GPS Essentials. It allows the diagnosis of all parameters associated with the navigation module and also gives the opportunity after the detection of fixing what is not true. Of course, if the problem is hardware.

Download: GPS Essentials

Update GPS data

Quite detailed statistics. Don’t you think?

Sometimes your device may get stuck on certain GPS satellites. Even if they are no longer in range, causing the module not working properly. To fix this, you can use the app GPS Status & Toolbox. It just clears your GPS data and starts the connection to the satellites again.

Download: GPS Status & Toolbox

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