How to improve Fortnite Mobile on Android smartphones

Due to the fact that Fortnite Mobile for Android does not impose strict requirements to the hardware devices, some users may encounter slowdowns or poor-quality rendering pictures. tells how to easily optimize your smartphone for a comfortable game Fortnite.

The first couple ways to improve the performance of the device in Fortnite is public, while the latter is limited only on a small number of models.

Enable Force 4x MSAA

If, in your view, the graphics rendering in Mobile Fortnite is poor, you come to the aid of the Force mode 4X MSAA. It provides the highest possible level of smoothing due to the processing of images in higher resolution and then scaling to fit the screen of your device.

To activate this mode, go to “Settings” — “developer Options” and slide the activation switch next to “Always use 4x MSAA”.

Disable background processes

If the RAM of your device is the minimum allowed to play Fortnite (3 GB), it is recommended to disable all background processes so that the entire available RAM has worked exclusively for the good of the game.

To disable background processes go to “Settings” — “developer Options” and enable the add-in “Limits to processes running in the background”. Most importantly, remember that this method is a kind of half measure, as it disables multitasking and Fortnite will throw out of memory whenever you minimize the game.

Turn on game mode

More and more manufacturers tend to offer users branded devices gaming mode. Its activation usually allocates CPU resources so that to improve the efficiency of the device in games. This mode is available on smartphones Sony, Huawei, Razer, OnePlus and Black Shark and is in the settings.

PS “Settings developer” is hidden by default. To display it you need to go to “Settings”, scroll through the list of available sections to “About phone” and tap on it seven times.

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