How to hide the audio files in the music app on Android

In the era of streaming music services like Spotify, Apple Music, and others, there are plenty of people who still like to compose the music library of your own. And it’s not unwillingness to pay. Someone valuable, rare or old records that are not found on the streaming services. And audiophiles are not always suitable offered by the giants of the streaming quality. So you have to “do hands”. Today we will give you a few tips for organizing your music library.

I’d like to say that the music app on Android , though has a very wide range of functions, stores all of the files “together”. That is, after playing rare recordings of your favorite artist could play a ringtone or voice message from WhatsApp. Disorder!

How to hide media files. Method 1

Audio files is nothing like a certain type of media file. There are ways to hide multimedia files stored in a folder in the internal memory of the smartphone. The only problem is that they are not so easy to detect.

To start, launch any file Manager. You can use a built-in, but it is better to download a more powerful program like Solid Explorer or FX Explorer. They, among other things, and offer us the coveted ability to hide audio files from the music player.

Look at how it is done in Solid Explorer. Using file Manager, navigate to the folder where you saved the audio files. Here is a sample folder structure on the example of WhatsApp messenger:
Storage – WhatsApp – Media – WhatsApp Audio

Inside the desired folder click on the ” + ” icon and select the new file. Now name this file as “.nomedia” (without the quotes) and save it.

Now repeat this process and create attfail in all folders that have junk for playing audio files. Once you are finished creating the necessary files, restart your smartphone and make sure you see the audio files.

The files are still in place. What to do?

If you can still see the audio files, it is possible that before you their cached version. Will have to clear the cache of the music app. Go to settings and look for the item “Clear cache”. Now everything should be displayed correctly.

How to hide media files. Method 2

The previous method, as you might guess, hides all files in the folder, which is convenient not always. So let’s look at the option of a custom of hiding files. Using all the same Solid Explorer, navigate to the folder containing the audio files you want to hide. Click on the desired file and hold your finger on it for some time in order to show its settings. Click on the menu icon and select “Hide”.

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