How to help your child learn the alphabet using your iPhone or iPad

In recent times we pay a lot of attention to the youngest audience of our website by posting reviews and updates apps for the little ones. Unfortunately, good projects for kids in the App Store not so much. To say nothing of the Russian language. Nevertheless, there are developers who are interested in creating programs for users of preschool age. With their help, kids can get useful and educational information in an interactive and accessible way.

Kids love to play on my iPad. But it is possible to turn the instrument from toys tutorial

For example, the application “School Owls Alphabet” helps not only to acquaint children with the alphabet, but also to apply the acquired knowledge in action. This is the only app that not only teaches the child to spell and recognize his speech, allowing you to quickly correct errors and thus to master the alphabet.

The letters read different speakers

App surprising creative approach at the stage of registration of the trial — to which I myself did not buy anything, he offered to solve the example, the answer to which will require the involvement of mom or dad.

To a child accidentally not subscribed, he offered to solve the example

At the stage of learning the child demonstrates a set of slides with letters, followed by images of various objects that start with the corresponding letter. Due to the fact that the application interface is very simple, the baby will be able will help to Orient quickly in an unfamiliar atmosphere. Literate voice applications using different speakers will help your child effortlessly learn their letters and the corresponding letters images will help to develop visual perception of objects and visual memory.

Online training allows you to better learn the material

Image help the development of the Association

After the child learned the material, he is invited to test their ability and to the call letters which are displayed on the screen. The application itself realizes that it has been correctly called the letter, by speech recognition. So little inquisitive brain will be able not only to visually memorize the letters and their sequence in the Russian alphabet, but also learn their correct pronunciation.

Test on the studied material with speech recognition of a child

In addition to learning the alphabet, “School Owls Alphabet” helps the child in learning syllables and whole words. The letters are divided into several lessons and within each lesson there to learn letters, syllables and words that use those letters.

There is learning not only letters but also syllables and whole words

Moreover, the system of training in the program’s methodology and primer Nadezhda Zhukova, who is recommended by the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation as a guide for the teaching of reading to preschoolers. So that the child can quickly learn not only the alphabet, but many common words. It is an application that will appeal to all children. Thanks to the colorful animations and friendly characters (owls) the learning process will bring great pleasure.

Training programs are divided into letters

Within each lesson there to learn letters, syllables and words that use those letters

The app works on subscription model — to understand whether it is your child, you can arrange a trial subscription, which gives access to the full version. Why did you choose this model? The developers are constantly updating the program, add new lessons and tasks for training of speech. So you’re getting not just an app, and an assistant who will help the child to learn letters, syllables and words. However, you can get the full version of the app forever (not to worry about the subscription), it is now available with discount — 899 rubles instead of 1890 rubles.

The app is available for both iPhone and iPad. Actually, it is very rare. Such applications are mostly available only for tablet, but this time enjoy will be the iPhone. Although on the tablet, of course, the child will be made much easier with a bigger screen is more fun to interact with.

Name: School Owls Alphabet
Publisher/developer: OOO “Legend-M”
Price: from 329 to 1890 rubles for 3 days for free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app
Reference: Install

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