How to help techniques for augmented reality in enhancing the efficiency of technicians by providing information to them

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Author caro Ford, a strategist for content marketing company has a Xerox

Adopt the technology of the augmented reality which is known as en, The of the coolest technologies that make their way currently towards the software package major institutional, Most manufacturers now have task forces or agents for the benefit of the linkage mechanism innovative Digital Technologies of augmented reality, as a way to exchange information in the field.

As is the need for information on high reliability during the service imperative is a must, and the necessity of skeptical parties, to seek to overcome the obstacles created by the manuals and guidance is huge, and paper maps are large, so we find the world today opens its doors to the Hi data and instructions export interactive that is in real time.

Engineers, field workers, I have a company to me that, specialized the supply of telecommunications services in Europe, to conduct maintenance and repairs remotely or onsite using a system of techniques of augmented reality for the history data service related to the product and diagnostics, control panels, based on the information coming directly and immediately from the site.

As you say, display techniques for augmented reality with the help of teachers to make decisions more right about how to solve problems, in addition to lowering the total cost rate has the difference Service by 11 percent, reduce error rates during labor by 17 percent, and enhance the level of quality repairs and maintenance.

Not only the effectiveness of the techniques of augmented reality to raise the level of efficiency experienced professionals, but they also help staff the least skills or experience to complete the work as quickly as possible, while providing the guidance necessary “and in fact, may prefer staff younger to receive information in this way,” in addition to the techniques of augmented reality trying on information security to a greater degree when compared to the manuals instructions printed.

Results dazzling projects techniques for augmented reality experimental

Not confined to the task of Key Performance Indicators for the service on the level of customer satisfaction, but also strengthen the efficiency of the service, if found on the programme would improve the reading level of these indicators, it will be realized from this initiative, carried out by the company Xerox actually, where the piloting techniques of augmented reality within the functions of one of the companies operating affiliate, resulting in the reduction of the number of field visits, group services, and at the same time increased the accuracy rate of maintenance and repair remote by 76 percent, in other words, the average maintenance and repair of the time “Visit” first by 76 percent, so when there is a need to undertake a field visit to one of the sites, and all of this has led to a high level of customer satisfaction by 95 percent, it is from no wish to reap such impressive results?

  • The reduction of the amplitude is the availability of technical skills.
  • Reduce costs and the number of times of maintenance and repair.
  • Improve the rate of repair of the “visit” first.
  • Upgrading the level of customer satisfaction.

How to help techniques of augmented reality field technicians

The rise in the level of complexity of the products to increase demand for technical skills, at a time when the market of a shortage in this area, where the retiring expert engineers and technicians, without running place.

Instead, we find that the level of customer expectations has risen considerably, who became the maintenance and repair operations depending on the demand, and the clock 24/7, and the instant when the exit processing on the service for them the base rate and fundamentally, when you give the equipment the work of staff with the result, whether in your organization or in the foundation of your client.

So, how can industrial companies eliminate the is recruitment in order to meet customer expectations around better service?

Here highlights the role of external sources and managed services that come a long way in the formulation of the optimal solution, the use of techniques of augmented reality by us began to change the reality of the dynamic service, they help field staff through:

  • Secure access when needed to the specific content to be trained professional before the visit, or before using it in the site.
  • Avoid the need to make calls about the service by improving the level of self-help for the client.
  • Significantly reduce the time of the visit for the repair and maintenance service

To take advantage of these advantages and characteristics, should be the structure of the data and information to be delivered via mobile devices, rather than restrict them to files of PDF, so, is the process of improving the mechanism of structure and content management is essential for businesses, in order to be able to take advantage of digital connectivity and software tools evolving such as augmented reality AR.

On the positive side, the restructuring of content is to reduce the rate of construction cost management in three ways:

  • The adoption and content of the structured information and documents of all kinds, “the texts, graphs, images, audio files, video files”, which has been developed and formulation of programming languages such as DITA XML or S1000D XML.
  • Content is stored centrally in a warehouse, unified storage, instead of saving it in several storage silos in order to enhance the rate of re-use.
  • Developed templates and standardized in order to automate deployments, and features of and common language for all results, whether digital or printed.

Imagine a future technology augmented reality

Company Xerox to unite their efforts and expertise in the field of information management products with a research and development company Park Xerox, in order to formulate a mechanism for the images to create solutions that will provide customer engineers and service information about the products, in order to enhance the level of customer satisfaction and efficiency of work, and very soon, will increase the technical and specialist print service managed use of the range of the budget estimates the augmented reality AR, you just imagine it!

How to help techniques for augmented reality in enhancing the efficiency of technicians by providing information to them

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