How to get volume control from the Android P on your smartphone

Yesterday, sources told about another innovation Android P. System will learn to memorize different Bluetooth device and the last volume level for each of them. Wait for update for this feature optional — enthusiasts have released the app with the same feature. The program is available to download.

The program is called Bluetooth Volume Control. Works on smartphones running Android 4.4 and higher, according to Phone Arena. The app remembers playback volume to different Bluetooth devices and allows to change it. It is noteworthy that governed both music playback and call volume.

From pleasant bonuses — displays the time of the last connection. If Bluetooth devices are many, for convenience, you can rename them. To download the app click on the link.

Now you do not have to suffer when switching from speakers to headphones. Discuss the application and usage of wireless headphones in an official telegram channel AndroidInsider.

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