How to get the User Guide Apple’s official free !

Definitely choose phones Apple about any other smartphone, so if you are a new user doesn’t understand or iPad, or you want to get proof users of Apple’s official reference with you in case you encounter a problem with the phone, we will provide you today a way to get the User Guide Apple official free.

Get the User Guide Apple official for free :

  • Enter on the link daily via iBooks for your iPhone here and iPad here .
  • After selecting the link appropriate for you, you will be the link, then opening via iBooks, select Open Open .

  • After opening your User Manual in iBooks press the access the “Get”.

  • You may need to enter the ID of your AppleTV and password.

  • After that will start the guide in dispute on your device, and after loading you will see the sign read “Read” as you can see in the picture.

After downloading the guide, you can take advantage of all the features of iBooks, for quick access to the table of contents, change fonts, and in the user’s manual is fast, cross-sign magnifying glass in the upper right corner.

You will find a directory dedicated for your device as shown below:

User Guide Apple is available physically at many stores like Amazon and others with prices ranging between 10 to 25 dollars, but Apple provide a digital copy of this book for free, which is better than those from third-party vendors, since this digital evidence supported the initiative of the company and is constantly updated, as well as a review of the guide via iBooks will provide you the Quick Search feature.

Finally, if you don’t want to download the entire directory on your phone, you can get a copy online from here .

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