How to get rid of e-mail messages “spam”

Is email the most important tools that we use daily to communicate with coworkers and messaging for the official, but it might bother us very much. having some message spam that reaches daily basis, those unwanted messages consume large areas of storage, what drives some to look for a way to delete those messages.. here’s the highlights:

Advertising messages

Of the most disturbing messages are the emails from retailers and advertisements for unwanted services, and you often after you subscribe to a service or an account with one of these companies.

There are several ways you can get through these companies on your email address, including the purchase of lists of (non-legal) Email addresses stolen from internet service providers.

Types of spam

  • Fraud funds: aim spam e-mail messages to trick email users either in sending money to spammers, or send personal financial information in the hope of receiving their money.
  • The winner of the lottery: e-mail messages that say tell you win in a lottery Or prize in a competition.
  • Service via email: create emails to look like email messages, official from the companies you trust, these emails reduce things like company logos to trick recipients unsuspecting to send sensitive personal information.
  • Warning anti-virus: the junk e-mail which warns you about the infections with malicious viruses and display comfortable against her.

Deletion method

  • Login to your email account.
  • Open one of the emails advertising the business that you want to unsubscribe from them.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the message and select the link to unsubscribe from the emails if you haven’t participated in this promotion, delete the message instead.

كيفية التخلص من رسائل البريد الإلكتروني «المزعجة»How to get rid of e-mail messages “spam”

And you can also report some messages as junk and ban specific senders.

  • Login to your email account.
  • Open the message that you want to report as spam or block the sender.
  • Right-click the message from your inbox or select the three dots icon in the email.
  • Select Report Junk mail, or marked as spam, or even put a sign on it is important.
  • Prohibit the sender of the junk mail (or any other person sending messages e-mail spam), you can specify a blocked sender.

كيفية التخلص من رسائل البريد الإلكتروني «المزعجة»How to get rid of e-mail messages “spam”

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