How to get Microsoft Office for free?

Is a software package Microsoft Office to perform assigned various business months are the best in the world due to offer many of the services made it is a favorite of many around the world, but with the price up to 250$ (940 Sr) in the case of the desire to purchase it for one computer, or with an annual subscription of $ 70$ (265 SAR) package for office 360, are these costs too high for many, and that is why we offer you today several ways to allow you to get Office for free:

How to get Microsoft Office for free?

1) office online

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Microsoft provides a limited version of the possibilities of the package office its totally free across the site office.comand, despite the limited provision of tools, but it is still suitable for documents simple.

2) office for phones and tablets

Apps are available a number of Programs Office for various phones and tablets on Android and iOS for free, but they always work better on larger screens, although they do not offer a comfortable experience such as copy computer.

Can get Office apps, different Android from here: Word – Excel – PowerPoint – OneDrive – Outlook – OneNote – SharePoint

While version for iPhone and iPad is available here: App Store

3) Office 365 for a month.

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Can get Office 365 for one month free of charge and enjoy all its features through recording your private information which includes your credit card here and then the cancellation after the end of the month directly to my start dragging the expenses of the service of the following month, after the end of this month can register again from here to get a month demo the latest in office 360 Pro.

4) through companies, schools and universities

If you work in a company, or students at a school or university, you can ask the relevant department of Technology, Information Technologies and about whether private enterprise on a partnership with Microsoft and can provide you with a free copy of the programs office, where it is extremely common around the world.

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