How to get application news Microsoft’s new

Source: gate Arab news technical

Revealed company Microsoft news app the new Microsoft, which is considered the engine tell me say sponsored articles across the web and deliver it to the mixer of Microsoft your own, as you can experience the app immediately, and to begin using the app on your phone you start getting the app currently available for both iOS andAndroid.

The devices Windows 10 news Microsoft now running the server News Page start browser edge and the News app and Skype and Xbox و and news Microsoft is also providing brief news on, which you can use it from any PC connected to the internet.

I found a recent study from the Reuters Institute for the development of imports of a LIKE news, Apple news, Google more important ways in which we use digital news more than ever before, and may help the application of Microsoft company in the competition to get more interest on your phone and the computer, as the app uses a new artificial intelligence which is available in all over the world and offers 28 different languages.

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