How to free download music from VK Android

Despite the fact that “Vkontakte” has evolved from a website with pirated music in a completely legal streaming site with paid access for many is still important to have the ability to download your favorite tracks to your device. Officially this is not possible, because the social network does not own the music places, having only related with the rights holders rights. However, this does not mean that download music impossible.

To download music from Vkontakte, you need to install on your smartphone a third-party application. Surprisingly they turned out to be not so much a more or less sensible tools, allowing you to download tracks directly to the device memory, we counted less than ten. However, we were able to determine the number of at least one development that gave us more than full. Called this app – VMP.

App to download music from VK

Voiced in the first paragraph, the reason the VMP is not available in Google Play and is distributed only through a third-party application directory in the APK file. However, this does not negate its usefulness, and absolute security, which we have personally seen, installed, and tested the VMP on a personal smartphone.

  • Download VMP on your smartphone and install it;
  • Launch the app and log in to your account “Vkontakte” (according to the developers, the VMP does not collect your credentials, but because to worry about);
  • Go to “Settings” application, “the location of the downloaded” and select a section of memory where to save the downloaded tracks;
  • Now swipe from the left edge of the screen and open the context menu and from there go to “Search”;
  • In the search box, type the desired name of the track or artist;
  • Now press the context menu (three vertical dots) and then the download icon;
  • Wait for the download and find in the selected section previously loaded track.

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