How to fix the problem with the distortion of the image in the Samsung Galaxy S10

The range of smartphones Galaxy S10Galaxy Galaxy S10e and S10 plus, no doubt, came from the Samsung is very attractive to buyers. However, as is often the case with new products, the latest flagship from the South Korean company has some problems. And many of them even can be solved completely independently. And today we will talk about the problems associated with distortion of the image on the smartphones.

Not immediately say that the line of Galaxy S10 already chided for the very odd choice of system of facial recognition that can easily deceive, for unstable operation of the fingerprint scanner hidden under the display, the strange battery life and low maintainability. However, recently it became known about a new problem and it is related to the distortion of the image, which started to see some users on their displays.

It turned out that the distortion is caused some users who wear glasses with polarized lenses. Display, according to witnesses, when wearing these glasses began to look “too toned”. The fact is that polarized lenses can block the reflected light. When there is no glare glasses “work” without any changes, however, because of the polarizing filter, at the moment when the surface starts to reflect sunlight, the lenses hold the sun’s rays and do not let them off the glass.

At first, the users thought that the case in the screen of the smartphone from Samsung, but it was later revealed that the screen has nothing to do with, because such behavior has been observed not for all users. The culprit was the pre-installed screen protector. Samsung, unfortunately, has nothing to do in this situation and the only option is to remove the protector and replace it with film or tempered glass.

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