How to fix the problem, contact headset, Apple AirPods phone iPhone

Did you experience a problem in the paired headset, Apple AirPods with your iPhone? If so, continue with us the following steps to know how to fix this problem.

One of the common features in the headset Apple TV easily connected with iPhone, iPad, and Mac. However, there are some things that can hinder the process of the proposal. Here’s what you should do if you encounter a headphone Apple TV problem connecting to iPhone.

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How to fix the problem, contact headset, Apple AirPods phone iPhone

  1. For the second part of the headset Apple TV, make sure you are running iOS 12.2, and (requires first generation operating system iOS 10 and later)
  2. Be sure to turn on Bluetooth
  3. Put headset, Apple AirPods in the cargo tray, and noted the green light on the box.
  4. Press and hold the setting button at the back of the cargo tray until it flashed white, then yellow, then White continuously ( this means that they are ready to listen)
  5. With the survival of fish in the cargo tray, open the cover next to the iPhone
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair and setup

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If you’re still having trouble, go to Settings, then Bluetooth, and finally find the headphones and click on the “i” button on the right side associating it manually.

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