How to fix battery iPhone for yourself?

Treats owners of smart phones from the problem of battery consumption especially if the user of the pioneers of the internet permanent, it lasts the efficiency of the battery on the situation which has seen by the user in the first use. Due to the fact that all mobile phone batteries are powered by “lithium” and they lose efficiency the Statute of limitations.

There is no doubt that phones the iPhone is more than suffered from the problems of the batteries, while the Apple announcement to slow her down for phones with the launch of its promises to the Exchange to change the old battery with modern ones at the beginning of the present world in return for a pittance.

Therefore, Apple has launched the update operating system the iOS which option the user either to use the wizard for iPhone capacity less or maintain high capacity default. This is done by logging into the phone settings and choose the setting “battery” “battery capacity Battery Health“.

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If you reached this check will see if the battery is operating at the default value “100%” or not, it will tell you that choice is also about the capacity of the battery in the action times the maximum “Peak Performance Capacity“.

If your device suffers from a sudden stop in the performance, it is better you activate the feature “performance management optimization performance management“, with the activation of this feature will slow down the speed of operation of the device in exchange for lengthening the battery life. We will not show you the message that your iPhone has stopped because your card was not able to provide the necessary energy. Note that this property will not be able to be activated only in the case of the appearance of the previous message at least once of a sudden.

Said the Apple to activate this capability in the iPhone version the iPhone 6 and teach him.

To get the best performance of the device and lengthen the years, Apple has launched her remark about the necessary change of the device’s battery if the performance level drops to 80%. And then you can get a new battery from Apple retail stores the treaty in exchange for just$ 29 until the end of the current year.

Test battery for iPhone now

We will guide you now to the way in which you can prolong the life of the battery and the duration of operating. It is known that the exhaustion of the battery power is at the maximum time when connected to the Internet, or playing games or applications. And consumption when the device is in standby mode i.e. disable work of all application including of course applications that are running in the background.

  • First…open the Settings section on your iPhone, then choose “battery Battery”
  1. At the bottom of the screen you will find two numbers. First express the energy state of the”Stand by” which expresses the battery case in standby mode, and the second is “Usage” it reflects the status of the battery in working condition.
  • In a normal situation, consumption should be expected in the use of less energy available in the standby mode. In the case of the abduction of the current situation about this rule you should recognize that there is a problem with the battery.

Simple test

  • Click on the lock button in the device, and leave it for 10 minutes without work. The lock button again and enter the on battery settings and then follow the performance of the battery to put my readiness and. If the standby mode is greater 10 minutes, it means that the battery is in proper condition, if you increased your time to put to use the minute it means that your device is not resting at the desired rate.

The reduction of drain email battery iPhone

First, review the email settings, and especially show message notifications Push notification..Each notice is shown instantly on the screen drains the battery of the device, to maintain the condition of your battery for as long as possible you should disable this feature. You can turn off these notifications are as follows:

  • Open your device settings and then tab accounts Accounts, and then choose “Open password Fetch new Data”.
  • Activate the test Manual or manual and we will not be sending any notices concerning your e-mail so open it actually.

Reducing the update app that runs in the background

Most of the news applications running in the background of the operating system, to disable this feature, open device settings and then the tab “battery Battery“, will be shown the list of applications that use the capacity of your battery, therefore you can disable the landing of international content any application that runs in the background to preserve battery life.

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