How to find the pirate through the mobile?

Old, before the proliferation of mobile devices, the process of hacking and spying on your connection to the internet requires a lot more complex than we see today. Where it is easy to track a user by establishing a communication channel between the mobile device for the user of the victim and the stalker himself.

Has been noted by many security experts Americans to be surveillance systems that are used in tracking down the owners of phones round has spread to the network, which targets any American wandering within the land of America or even anywhere in the world. Officials within the security agencies us that they had received a letter threatening the privacy of American citizens in case of contact with the outside world via the World Wide Web.

كيف يعثر القرصان عليك من خلال الهاتف الجوال؟

Has been published The Washington Post the text of this letter which was received by the Ministry of communications to agencies has been the exploitation of networks of cellular phones at the world level and targeted communications resulting from the American citizens in particular. And posting this warning to take precaution especially to the citizens in perpetual war that changed their contacts to the network of the cell during the development of the country to another in a system known as global messaging “SS7”.

This system is not a safe pass which opens the door to agencies intelligence or the institutions of the criminal spying on citizens depending on the numbers of the cellular phones.

كيف يعثر القرصان عليك من خلال الهاتف الجوال؟
Therefore, if you are undecided on the United States of America, you should take care when coming up with the telephone number of a cell where the referral of a large number of cases recorded to penetrate to the investigation by the Federal Communications Commission after declaration of failure at disabling things, piracy and trade continuously.

Recall that the system of the SS7 or the “Signal-System-7” is one of the most popular ways to leak information that pass networks wired or wireless. This technique works since the seventies in the absorption of information from callers, which expanded significantly during the past years, especially after activation of the mode switch between cellular networks worldwide.

Where was the adoption of a property exchange between international networks are officially in the world of communication and the possibility of the fact in the body of the phone itself, there is no need for passenger to pay any amount for the purchase of certain communications during the passage of the state is different between now and then.

With the proliferation of technology, the”Signal-System-7″ Pat’s information security over wireless networks is non-existent. Where it became easy to work with the growing number of companies that can do this feature.

It got worse after enabling a number of professional access to the cellular network what pretending that the network management request to get information about clients Company Contact. So that the IT development company who can intercept the text data and vote online. With multiple statistics on this matter, recorded many of the products control of millions of questionnaires and business access to sources of unauthorized information user network.

It is worth mentioning that one of the leading surveillance systems “Ability” has recently stated that they have the ability to intercept any communication line and eavesdropping on voice conversations between cell phones even if the customers special have networks of cellular communication. She noted that it has more than 50 beneficiaries of the government on the level of the world without paying attention to the trivia in the private sector.

Here you should take care in not to receive any calls from non-reliable or sending messages to others, contests the alleged even if the phenomenon comes with a communications company. Also do not open any files you get from others because it operates as a transmitter to the manufacturer as long as your device is on the availability of the internet.

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