How to find out which devices are connected to iCloud

In iOS 10.3 have the opportunity to view information about each device connected to your iCloud account. Take a closer look at what is this section and what are the opportunities for control available to the user.

How to find out which devices are currently connected to iCloud

Find and run “Settings”. At the top there is a section called iCloud account.

Just below you will see a list of all connected devices. In one of them you can find the detailed information about the device model, serial number (if available), version of the operating system. In some cases, access to this data will have to answer security questions.

How to link a device to iCloud

In this case, it all depends on the software version:

  • For iOS versions 8 and above must sign in to the iCloud account in the settings.
  • For OS X Yosemite and above need to sign in to iCloud directly to the settings.
  • For Windows 10 and later you must log on to the web page iCloud or tethering your device to iTunes.
  • For tvOS 7 and later versions, you must log in iTunes and App Store.

Other devices running earlier versions of iOS, OS X, tvOS will not appear in this list.

How to remove tethered device

This is done very simply. Entering the information about the device, just select “Remove from account”.

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