How to find out which apps will not work in the next version of macOS?

As we know, 32-bit applications are no longer supported in iOS 11, soon the same fate will befall a desktop operating system macOS. At its annual conference 2017 WWDC , Apple announced that starting with January 2018 and 32-bit applications and updates for macOS will no longer skipped in the App Store.

This suggests that in the upcoming macOS 10.14 will be completely dropped support for older applications. How to prepare for this?

Unfortunately, the impact on developers, we can’t, the most that we can do to replace program counterparts.

Actually, how to identify such apps?

1. Go to the “About this Mac”
2. Then go to the “system Report”.
3. Go to the “system Information”.

4. In the left part of the window, find “SOFTWARE” and “Program”. Wait some time until the system will display a list of all installed applications.
5. Here are marked all 32-bit and 64-bit applications. This list will also be a program from Apple – they, of course, will get the update. In this case you want to view apps from third-party developers.

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