How to find old tweets easily on Twitter

Do you wonder what I wrote to follow you Monday in 2009? Or you want to reference the tweets of a celebrity for some reason? Here’s a solution more easily than just a constant drag down especially since Twitter doesn’t allow you to see more than 3200 tweets as soon as you drag in your personal page.

Advanced Search on Twitter

– No advanced search tool in Twitter you can access by web browsers on the computers of the link: “”.

– As you can see, you can search through them for keywords or certain phrases or hashtags of you or other third albeit several years.

– After the introduction of the language that was by Twitter, the most important is to enter the name of the user who tweeted the tweet in the box “from these accounts” (From These People), Department of “persons” (People), if you are looking for a tweet you tweet you must enter your user name before the @.

– Finally, you can also specify the two dates considered that the adoption of Twitter was among them, as well as identify the geographical location by clicking on the search button.

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