How to find download on Android and remove them

One of the advantages of Android to iOS is the open file system. Thanks to her, we can freely download from the Internet any files including apps and games. Unfortunately, this often creates problems for inexperienced users who shake everything and then not knowing how to remove all the excess, suffer from a lack of free space. Tell, what is the easiest way to find the folder with all the downloaded files and delete them.

Every Android smartphone regardless of brand and software has a preinstalled application that can be called “Download,” “Files” “My files”, “file Management”, etc.

Where to find my file downloads on Android

  • Find it in the menu, open and navigate to the Download folder. To get almost all (more on this later) files that you download to your device;
  • Locate the file you want to delete (if a lot of files, you can use the search) and then long hold open the context menu and click the icon for the garbage.

File Manager from Google

If for some reason you cannot find the Files or there was no folder with the downloads (sometimes this happens), use the app Files from Google.

  • Download Files from Google Play.
  • Start on your device and give necessary privileges;
  • Go to the tab “View” — “Downloaded files”;
  • Find the necessary file or files and delete them using the context menu by clicking on the appropriate icon opposite.

However, in Google Files you can find not only the files you intentionally downloaded to the device, but cache files and media files third-party applications. As a rule, most space consume photos and videos of the messengers. Sometimes removing them can free up multiple gigabytes of space.

How to find the browser on Android

Above, we noted that not all files that you download to your device, enter the “Downloads” folder. Sometimes it happens that the file is downloaded to your browser’s memory.

  • If you have Google Chrome, launch it and open its context menu by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right corner;
  • Go to “Downloaded files” and, finding unnecessary components, remove them from memory.

As a rule, in the memory of the web browser are only small components, such as stored html pages, but over time they become so many that they can occupy hundreds of megabytes.

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