How to extract audio from video to iPhone, iPad and try the Mac

Have you ever you record a video with your iOS device simply pick the images weren’t interested in the deal? Or maybe you have a video clip I’m not interested in something only to health, and want to save this audio as a separate file to listen to it. So we brought you here some of the solutions.

It seems to pull the audio from the video sounds like a complicated task, but it is in fact not the case. If this was something I was wondering on how to do it, we’ll be here to cover it to know how to extract audio from video to iPhone, iPad, and try Mac.

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Extract audio from video to computer Mac

Here you don’t need any third party apps, all you need to use is application QuickTime.

1) open your video in QuickTime Player.

2) Select the file “File” from the menu bar.

3) Scroll to the Export “Export As“, and in the pop-up menu, click voice only ” Audio Only“.

4) label your file, choose its location, and click Save Save.

استخراج الصوت من الفيديو على iPhone وiPad وحاسب Mac

Extract audio from video on the iPhone or iPad

Is the fastest and easiest way to extract audio from video through third party application. Of course, there are many options on the App Store.

One of the highlights of this application is MP3 Converter-Audio Extractor. It is available for both iPhone and iPad, it is extremely easy to use. Open the app, and allow it access to your photos, then do the following.

1) click the plus sign at the bottom.

2) Choose Where to import your video, such as iCloud or Camera Roll.

استخراج الصوت من الفيديو على iPhone وiPad وحاسب Mac

3) Select your video and click Add Add in the bottom right.

4) Click on the video in the next screen and then choose Convert Convert .

5) Click on the Default Mode (mp3).

استخراج الصوت من الفيديو على iPhone وiPad وحاسب Mac

If you prefer to use m4a file format, it is available for free, just click on Advance Mode and select the format of the output. You will also notice other settings you can adjust in this area like Output Range and Audio Sample and more.

To access your audio file, click the “Converted Media“. From there, you can run it or select the option to Open In which allows you to implement things such as send them via AirDrop, or save them in your files and share them in any of the applications available.

استخراج الصوت من الفيديو على iPhone وiPad وحاسب Mac

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