How to export live pictures Live Photos Videos independent

May be you have saved the photo Live Live Photo as a still picture on your iPhone for some time, but did you know that you can easily create a short video of the live audio and even merge multiple photos to live together and create a video of a small one.

Have been providing the feature of “Save live images” as a video in the operating system iOS 13. Frankly, this can be done in the arena by a group of third-party apps.

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It is worth mentioning that feature live images require devices iPhone 6s or newer, or iPad of the fifth generation or newer, or your iPad Air second generation, or iPad mini fifth-generation, or any model of iPad Pro, or the previous generation of iPod touch.

The export of live pictures Live Photos Videos independent

Lets you iOS 13 وiPadOS the export of live images as one video or to merge multiple photos directly together to create one video. Read on to get the full description of both methods.

1) open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch.

2) Select the tab for albums at the bottom.

3) Scroll down and click on the “Live Photo” under the title of “media types”.

4) Select live image or several images you want to save it as a video.

5) Now click on the share button.

6) Scroll down and select the option “Save As” Save as Video.

الصور الحيّة Live Photos لمقاطع فيديو

Look for the video that was created newly in album Recents in the Photos. The video is saved with the timestamp to the date of creation. As live images that you used for the video industry remains in the Photos app until it is deleted.

End for each image directly to the video clip period of two seconds, but the duration may increase based on the number of other live sound used.

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