How to enable night theme in the application “Vkontakte” for Android

The demand for night theme, built with users in a cult, is obvious. It not only facilitates the perception of the interface of the application or the operating system in low-light conditions, but more sparingly refers to the resources of the battery, thereby prolonging its battery life. Knowing how users are waiting for the appearance of night themes, some developers decided to play on their senses and turned the process of obtaining the coveted innovations in a kind of quest.

For example, did the developers of the mobile client social network “Vkontakte”, which, although added a night theme to the app, at first decided not to open it for all users without exception. To make the night more interesting, the developers came up with a special code word that activates the corresponding option in the application settings allows you to enable night theme.

Secret code to activate the night theme

To activate the night theme in the application “Vkontakte” for Android, you must write in the comments under any entry or on your wall the phrase “dark theme”.

You need to write without the quotes, but overall the social network will open access to it, even if you write a code phrase into a hashtag or without, lower-case or capital letters, use the letter “e” or instead use “e”.

After the review is sent to the screen will appear a window with the proposal to enable night theme, click on which activates it at the same moment.

If necessary, you can always disable the action of night subjects. To do this, go to the settings menu where the activation key appears, allowing you to return to the interface of bright colors.

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Application: Vkontakte — social network
Category: Social
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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