How to earn more bitcoins? Advice from famous trader

To accumulate as much Bitcoin — the purpose of any captainvalor. Co-founder Blockroots and the well-known trader Josh Rager knows how to do it. According to Rager, the fastest way bitcoins are accumulated at the purse with the help of margin trading and resale of altcoins.

At the moment Bitcoin is trading at 10 594 dollars, over the past day the price dropped to 6.61 percent. Note that the proposed trader ways is quite risky, especially for beginners in the industry. But is it possible with their help to quickly make a fortune?

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Hoard Bitcoin until it is too late

Margin trading is like a magnet for those who want to earn as much money as possible in record time. Deal with leverage do allow you to extract much more profit from the price movements of Bitcoin using borrowed exchange funds. We looked in detail at this tool of trading in this article.

Here is Josh’s tweet in which he shared his recommendation.

However, almost all novice traders forget that this feature can operate against them — margined at the same rate “helps” you to reduce or even completely eliminate your Deposit. According to Rager, marginally works perfectly as during a heavy fall of Bitcoin, and during its significant growth. The expert recommends to limit 5x shoulder when opening trades and not to get involved multipliers.

Another proposed strategy — buying altcoins on the support levels on technical analysis. To make deals with the violas have only in the absence of sharp jerks of Bitcoin prices. In theory, the method can bring a huge profit of several thousand percent. But it’s not so simple.

In 2019 the rapid growth of Bitcoin prices has attracted the attention of most investors. They seemed to have forgotten about altonah and began to invest only in BTC. Now prices violas are in free fall and there is no guarantee that the next support level on the chart coins will be a great place for the transaction.

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Safer to just buy bitcoins and hold them in a cold wallet. Cryptocurrency is still growing at a monthly scale and until may 2020 may set a new record for value. Recall that in this month will happen the curtailment of awards to miners in one mined block of BTC.

After that, the network will give the new unit 6.25 BTC instead of 12.5, that is, the number of new coins will decrease twice in comparison with the previous four years. But Bitcoin is not the dollar, it cannot be printed any day they desire. In the end, coins will become smaller, and the number of people willing to buy them at least will remain the same. Hence the growth in demand, and this affects the course — at least it teaches us Economics.

The conclusion is that the trader recommends to augment their stocks of bitcoins with the help of margin trading, and it is very risky. So simple fans of cryptocurrency corny it is better to allocate a certain percentage of the salaries and buy it on the crypt. Besides, Bitcoin is profitable for 98.65 per cent of its existence, so that tactic is not so losing.

And what is the strategy you adhere to? Tell us about your success in our cryptodata of hontarov. There will be able to communicate with the authors. But that’s if you’re lucky!


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