How to download wallpaper MacOS Mojave on your Mac and iPhone

When it begins to use the Mojave is the new version of MacOS in the fall, will collect a range of wallpapers desktop new wallpapers, free parking during the change over 24 hours, but you don’t have to wait until the launch of the Mojave, you can get the wallpapers now, either by downloading them from the link that we will provide to you in this article, or by installing the demo version of the Mojave.

  • How to get the background of the Mojave to the operating system Mac:

You can download wallpapers, free parking and use on your Mac or even computer, has this poster Reddit download all the images that have been combined scope image Dynamic Desktop sand dunes that used by Apple to represent the background of the Mojave, a file size of 40 MB.

It is worth noting here that there are 16 pictures representing the background of the Mojave, and each one of them represents a different time of the day, if you want to use one as your desktop background, follow the following instructions:

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  1. Download the audio from the following link: here
  2. Drag the Images folder to the desktop, or copy the whole folder to “images”. (You may need to unzip it).
  3. Right-click your desktop and select Change desktop background, move your this to part of the desktop and screen saver in System Preferences System Preferences.
  4. Open a Finder window and drag the image folder and drop it in the white space to the bottom of the Board. Will folder to Mojave immediately.
  5. You can now either choose one image from the set as the desktop, or you can create a desktop dynamic your

  • How to get wallpapers Mojave for your iPhone your:

Do you want to use a picture of sand dunes from Apple on the iPhone too?

Once you have downloaded the pictures from the link above on your Mac, you can transfer them to your iPhone, or copy them to the iCloud folder, or displayed only through the application of Imgur, and download them to your iPhone.

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  1. Now you have a picture on your phone and go to Settings then wallpaper.
  2. Choose a new wallpaper
  3. Select all images
  4. And choose the image that you added just now.
  5. Will put the picture of the desert in the middle of your iPhone, but if you want to move it or adjust it, you can just touch the screen and dragging them or clicking on them with two fingers.

How to download wallpaper MacOS Mojave on your Mac and iPhone

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