How to download from the App Store app of any size without Wi-Fi on iOS 13

iOS 13 is probably the best iOS update over the past few years. During its development Apple had taken into account a huge number of user requests, without the realization the vast majority of them. That there is only one mouse support, which, though not intended for use by ordinary users, can be very helpful when working with documents. But there are other innovations, one of which is the ability to download applications from the App Store via LTE any size.

By default, users can download apps from the App Storeusing the cellular connection, up to 200 MB. This limit was set by Apple with the release of iOS 12.3 and apply to iOS 13. However, the user can lift the ban on downloading IN the size exceeds the set limit.

How to remove restrictions on downloading apps

  • To start the App Store app of any size over 3G or LTE, go to Settings — iTunes and App Store;
  • Click “Download application”;
  • In the opened window select one of the options that suits you: allow download all applications, regardless of size, to ask if the application weighs more than 200 MB, or you can always ask, if loading is cellular connection.

Apple for many years did not dare to remove the limit on downloading apps over LTE. Last month, the company increased the allowable size from 150 to 200 MB, but users took it as mockery. In the end, it is foolish to restrict users in their right to consume the Internet traffic as they need, especially since many of it and so unlimited. For them, this ban made no sense. Fortunately, Apple has – albeit belatedly – realized that.

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